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So, What Is Consumer Technology?

So you’re surfing the internet on your laptop and look over to see your buddy sent a message on social media. They’re creating a blog page on Consumer Technology and wanted your input. You think to yourself, “Well if I knew what consumer tech even was, maybe I could help.” You see, buddy is a cool dude. He’s always up to something – whether it’s buying the latest gadget, finding and promoting the best deals to get new tech for cheap, or customizing his gadget belt for convenience.

That’s me by the way. I’m buddy. Well, most of you know me as Samer Patel. I’m just your average nerd, entrepreneur, and car guy.

Okay I know, we are here to learn about Consumer Technology, not find out more about the dashing guy behind the computer screen.

So, what really is Consumer Technology? Well, it’s everything tech! Look around you. The device you’re reading this on, the Tesla you’re eyeing, even the automatic pan stirrer you use to make scrambled eggs. Yes, they make them and they’re pretty cool! You get the point though. Technology that is invented, developed, and sold for the sole purpose of the consumer world is consumer technology.

Types of Common Consumer Tech

Technology has evolved to better meet and fulfill the needs of people. Every year more and more technology is introduced at conferences like Consumer Electronics Show. These tools have been designed to help us humans interact with this intangible space that increases our abilities. We are able to learn more, do more, teach more, and play more than ever before. Technology has exponentially allowed humankind to make strides never made before. Here are some of today’s technology concepts that is expected to enhance life and convenience:

5G Devices:

· Devices connected to 5G networks are able to receive network signals with data speeds never seen before. The introduction of 5G started off allowing us to connect with our loved ones at a reliable and fast rate, even if they are across the country. With further enhancements, it is predicted to allow advanced autonomous driving, internet of things, great improvements to the Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality experiences, and even save a person’s life by using robotics in health care.

IoT Devices:

· You may think you have no idea what these are, but you’re wrong. Your video doorbell, smart lights, and various devices that connect with each other and are controlled from a single point. IoT stands for Internet of Things and it’s the concept of being able to have unparalleled user visibility and control of regular things.

Self-Driving Cars:

· Do you remember that movie iRobot where Will Smith had a self-driving car? Can you believe that day is here already? Maybe your mom’s old Ford Focus can’t do it yet, but all Tesla’s with the autopilot package are fully equipped with the hardware to drive themselves. We’re just waiting on the law makers to make it legal! Oh and the stimmy that’ll give us the extra $10k for the package.


What to expect from Subscribing to InputOutput?

What? My cool backstory wasn’t enough to make you want to stick around? Fine, lets talk about what’s in it for you!

Well I’ll be honest – we want to produce engaging content that you guys want! So we here at InputOutput really want you to subscribe, leave comments, and engage. Anyways, let’s go over our plan so far.

We want to talk about all things tech! We plan on reviewing the hottest and newest tech, talking about future tech, and all those things every other tech blogger does. HOWEVER, we plan on putting a twist on the content. We will include a unique perspective on how to incorporate tech to help improve your everyday life, teach you how anyone can obtain the newest tech for cheap, how to make money with tech, and even improve your side hustle/business with tech!

Since I graduated college, started working at a Cyber Security firm, and bought a business recently – I get to buy and play with fun new toys! While I’ve always wanted to create my own blog medium and eventually start producing quality YouTube content, I wouldn’t have even started if it wasn’t for the support of my beautiful girlfriend and amazing family!

I would love if you guys could join me in the journey. Because trust me, while I’m a certified nerd, I am not a professional blogger. However, I think it is going to be a fun journey learning together.

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